KKW Print
$ 50.00

Weeven Woon

KKW Print

Motherly Karess (KKW). Digital Painting, 2018.  

Directly referencing Impressionist painter, Mary Cassatt’s Maternal Caress which features a female figure in domestic scenes. The artist comments on the idea that despite being a publicly controversial celebrity, Kim Kardashian still deserves a chance to be viewed as a loving mother. 

Giclee printed on 310g, Bright White, water-resistant, velvet fine-art paper. 100% cotton fiber. Acid and lignin free. Dimensions: 14x10. Elegance Velvet is a proprietary mouldmade fine art paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind. 


Stephen Yoon. Weeven Woon

Korean-American artist, Stephen Yoon illustrates feminine figures, highlighting the mundanity of domestic life in a blend of impressionism and pop-art. Focusing on highly-detailed imagery and strong conceptual background, he uses digital mediums to create a juxtaposition between high and low-art. 

Influenced by popular media and technology, Stephen is an artist that paints from life and personal experience. Outside of art, Stephen lives in San Diego and enjoys cooking, watching movies, live-streaming, and working with his hands.