Orange Blossom Honey-Massey Honey Co.-MONIKER GENERAL
$ 14.00

Massey Honey Co.

Orange Blossom Honey

Extracted following pollination of springtime orange blossoms in Southern California, Orange Blossom  Honey brings a subtly sweet and citrus flavor. Smooth and light in color, this honey is best paired with tea or used as a natural sweetener. The honey is all natural and raw, and never heated or filtered.

Please keep at room temperature. If crystallization/granulation is observed, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water for twenty minutes to re-liquefy.

Started in 2009 in north Orange Country, California, Massey Honey Co is a family owned and operated endeavor cultivating and sourcing untreated, unheated, all natural, raw honey.  The honey is taken directly from the hive, extracted by hand from the comb, and strained into its raw form—retaining its countless nutritional benefits, not to mention its individuality of flavor and texture. We are devoted to quality. The same people who manage our bee hives also extract the honey, where it is bottled it at a local facility. We also choose exclusively organic agricultural landscapes for our apiaries for the safety of our bees and to minimize our environmental impact. All hives are kept in areas where organic growing techniques are practiced and no antibiotic or pesticides are used.