Buono Drip Kettle - Copper-HARIO-MONIKER GENERAL
$ 168.86


Buono Drip Kettle - Copper

The kettle's interior is plated with nickel, and the clear coat means your water won't take on a metallic flavor. The spout and handle have been redesigned for even better control over your pours, and the stunning combination of copper, brass, and walnut makes it the center of attention on bar or at home.



  • Brilliant copper with a nickel finished interior
  • Slimmer, refined gooseneck spout offers even more pour control than before
  • Clear-coated to prevent tarnishing and eliminate off-tastes
  • 900 mL (30.4 fl oz.) capacity
  • Contoured brass handle and redesigned spout for superior pour control
  • Lid features a walnut accent knob
  • Suitable for stovetop use, but not compatible with induction burners
  • Made in Japan