Spruce Essential Oil
Spruce Essential Oil
Spruce Essential Oil
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Spruce Essential Oil

Smells like strolls through the forest.

Their Austrian Spruce is a woodsy, earthy, crisp essential oil that at once grounds and invigorates. With a fresh, almost wild aroma, it effectively bridges the gap between outside and inside. It might not replace that weekend hike, but it sure takes a close second.


Spruce(picea abies)
Size: 0.3 fl. oz. (10 ml)
Extraction method: Steam-distilled
Origin: Austria
Shelf life: 2 years


100% pure, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Free from synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil.

How to Use:

Beauty: Mix 8 drops of Spruce and 15 droppers of Evening Primrose for a face oil.
Body: Add 6 drops of Spruce to 1 ounce of lotion for sore muscles.
Home: Add 15-20 drops of Spruce to a diffuser.